Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MAXICARE Family Accounts are cheaper than Maxicare personal accounts

Some families would find Maxicare’s Family account more advisable than getting an individual account because the Maxicare family rates are cheaper by approximately 10-20% than compared to Maxicare’s Individual Accounts. The misconception in the market today is the term dependent. Dependent connotes a sharing of the Maxicare health benefit. The root cause I suppose is that in Maxicare corporate accounts and in other HMOs I suppose, employees are entitled to enroll dependents which gives the impression that a family account would automatically allow the Maxicare principal enrollee to add Maxicare dependents. The truth actually is that the Maxicare fees are paid on a per head basis and the company actually paid Maxicare the total number of heads including those of the dependents.

With Maxicare’s Family program, we need at least 2 family members, one (1) principal (21-60 years old) and one (1) dependent, again the Maxicare fees are charged on a person basis and according to their age bracket.

To clarify you better on Maxicare’s Family Account applications, enrollment must follow an order/hierarchy.

1. If you’re single, you must first enroll your mother > father > eldest sibling > youngest sibling
2. If you’re married, you must first enroll your spouse > eldest child > youngest child

So example, if you are the Maxicare principal and you happen to be single and you want to have a Maxicare dependent, then you should enroll your mother first. If you want to have two (2) Maxicare dependents, then you can now enroll your Mother and then your father. The same goes for Maxicare married applicants, the order of enrolment of hierarchy must be followed. There is no limit on the number of Maxicare direct dependents as long as they follow the hierarchy. Pricing is on a per person basis following the table of Maxicare Family Membership Fees.

Additional Requirements for Maxicare Family memberships:
1. For single applicants
• If enrolling his parents, photocopy of birth certificate of the single applicant
• If enrolling siblings as well, photocopy of the birth certificate of sibling

2. For married applicants
• If enrolling the spouse only, photocopy of marriage contract
• If enrolling the kids as well, photocopy of birth certificate of the child

Remember that there are instances that a Maxicare dependent cannot be enrolled and the usual reasons are:

a. underaged / overaged, We only accept applicants 2-60 years old
b. working overseas
c. deceased
d. already has a Maxicare card or HMO card from other companies

With these, the Maxicare principal applicant can now move to the next dependent according to the order of hierarcy provided that proofs of ineligibility must be provided. The following are the standard documents accepted:

Underaged / Overaged
- photocopy of birth certificate

- photocopy of Death Certificate

Working overseas
- employment contract

Already has a Maxicare card or HMO card from other companies
- photocopy of Maxicare card

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